6 month update

We’ve crossed the six-month mark since our Kickstarter launch, so we’ve put together a comprehensive update to share with our backers. We still have lots of work to do, but it’s also exciting to see how far we’ve come. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Our prototyping and assembly facility
Six months ago we were based out of Techshop sharing tools and machines with other makers and hobbyists. This was good for building one or two boards but not for full scale design and production. 

Our new machine shop (that we share with our friends at Double Robotics) allows us to quickly prototype designs, create some of the parts for your boards, and provide quick turnaround for any maintenance or repairs.  We have a CNC mill, manual mill and lathe, laser cutter, 3D printers, band saws, drill press, and lots of hand tools.

We’ve partnered with a custom battery manufacturer that specializes in aviation-grade lithium battery packs. We chose a lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which means more charge cycles, higher safety, and even the potential for faster charging. 
The packs they are building are custom for Boosted, and incorporate an advanced battery management system.  Also, by going custom, we can tweak the layout of the cells to create different pack shapes. Right now we're experimenting with some of these designs on our prototypes.

Motor Drivetrain
When the prototype boards were ridden heavily for a year, the belts connecting the motors to the wheels started to slip on steep hills. While the motor mounts allow adjustments to tighten those belts, if the rider does not adjust them properly it can lead to premature wear and broken belts.

We’ve redesigned the truck to accommodate different pulleys and belts that minimize slip. In addition, the new design can fit larger motors that would provide a significant increase in torque compared to the prototype motors, which means better hill climbing. With this new system, you can worry less about drivetrain maintenance and focus more on riding.

Battery, Motor, and Electronics Covers
On our previous prototypes, we used soft nylon fabric covers to hold the battery pack and electronics onto the boards. For our newer boards, we’re experimenting with various covers that would protect the drivetrain from daily scrapes, bangs, and debris.

Motor Controller / Remote 
Six months ago we were using RC controllers and off the shelf motor controllers. Although they weren’t intended to move human riders on an electric vehicle, we were able to tune them to work for our test boards. Through ongoing demos and user feedback, we decided it was best to design our own custom motor controller to provide the smoothest acceleration, braking, and throttle feedback.

We’ve also been testing various remotes with our Alpha testers and riders at demo events. We don’t have the final design yet, but we’ve added more features that users loved such as the ability to go in reverse and a start assist to help new riders.

Battery Charger
So far, our Alpha testers have been using an off the shelf battery charger made for the hobby Lipo packs on our early prototypes. They've told us it's bulky and complicated, so we’re simplifying the charger by making it more like the one you use with your laptop.

Packaging Design
We started working with a box manufacturer who will create a cardboard shipping box that can double as your storage case when you’re moving or traveling.

Demo Event Responses

Here's some of the feedback we received at TED, SXSW, and other events.

“Love at first try!”

“I've never felt anything like it. “

“Wow. These @boostedboards are SO FUN.”

“I love them. And that was the first board I’d ever been on”

“Finally got to check out @BoostedBoards in person yesterday @chaoticmoon and I love it!”

“A blast to ride!”

“Friggin sweet “

“the COOLEST board ever invented!! “

“this was too much fun.”

“Jesus eff. Just met the @boostedboards guys at #sxsw and got a demo ride. I'm sold. This is absolutely amazing!”


Feel free to email us at community@boostedboards.com with any questions or comments. All feedback is shared with the team, and we appreciate your honest responses and support.


-The Boosted Team