New Logo and FastCo Video

You may have noticed a new logo on our prototypes.  We had to change our old one for a few reasons, so we teamed up with Mackey Saturday, a fantastic designer and boardsports enthusiast. The new logo reflects both the 3-phase brushless motor at the core of our design and the dynamics of the riding experience.

FastCo Video

A few months ago, the BFD crew came to Boosted to shoot a feature for Fast Company's Change Generation series. This is the first video showing the beta board and remote in action. Enjoy!

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Weight control the board no remote. Carry hole on the side? Video on who to use it
Did you guys change the ring shaped remote to a handheld one? I was hoping that you guys kept the ring shaped one. I was hoping that I did not have to hold on to this big remote as I was riding one
When are you going to be in a position to deliver? Best from Germany.
If you need a tester in NYC, I would love the opportunity. Also, have you consider bigger wheels? There are a few guys here who have long boards with "inline" wheels instead of regular skate broad wheels.
Looking good! If you need a tester for rainier climates, I'm in Wellington New Zealand, the Seattle of Middle Earth!
Anything to do with freebord? Can't wait for you guys to start shipping these out.
Hi guys. Firstly I would like to say please keep up all this hard work. I have no doubt this product will do well. I have been watching your progress ever since you first started on kickstarter and I have to say I'm so happy that you haven't rushed this product through on to the market like most people would. This needs to be tough enough to take pro riders yet also work for novices too so I'm really glad that you are testing everything so vigorously. I am London based and would absolutely love to test ride one if your ever over this way? Cheers guys R
Jonas, why do you want a carrying hole? The goal of this project is to keep as true to a standard longboard as possible. Does your current board have a carrying hole? The boosted board is light enough that it's not needed and a hole also affects the performance characteristics of the deck. Plus it would make it look like a toy rather than a performance longboard.
does the orientation of the drive wheel matter? can you run it in reverse just as fast as going forward?
If you need to beta it here in SoCal, I'm available.
Have you guys seen the Myo? I'm sure it would be extremely tricky and incorporating it as a controller would definitely take some time but it would be an amazing melding of ingenious transportation and next gen wearable tech.
I've been living in Japan 16 years, would love to market these here and test on the streets of Tokyo.
Hey guys are you going to sell these in Australia and how much are they and please go back to the ring shaped remote PLEASE
If you need a tester in San Diego, I'll ride this bad boy around all day!
Is there a weight limit, I am 250lbs, please let me know.
Thanks guys! I Like the creative energies toward alt means of transportation. 2 questions: Can you roll as a normal SB when the battery has cycled? Was any design consideration giving to employing manual operation to recharge the battery? Thanks - living + manufacturing in the S. California Aerospace Industry.
I ride an Xoots adult kick scooter a mile and a quarter to work everyday. At almost 60 years old I like that I have the security of the upright steering and hand brakes. But for me a blend of the scooter and the Boostedboard would be perfect idea. The scooter only has two thin wheels where the Boosterboard has four wider wheels that might be better at navigating the bumps and rutted sidewalks in my town. And having the uphill power would be great addition. Please let me know if you are considering designing a boosterscooter.
Is it possible to get paris trucks and otang stimulus on these?
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