Boosted Delivers: First Boards to Kickstarter Backers

Recently we achieved a very important milestone; our final production board was delivered to our beta testers. Boosted boards are already being ridden all over the San Francisco Bay Area!

Our development is over and we are manufacturing full speed ahead. We are delivering our Kickstarter backers their boards now through the end of March. 

These lucky beta testers have been riding boards in different stages of development since last year and have helped uncover all of the issues and bugs so that everyone will LOVE their boards. 

Today, it was their turn to receive the love that we put into the final board.

"Gives the same high as a Tesla, but at a fraction of the price." - Beau S

"The acceleration up hills and stopping power is unreal!"  - Danny M

"I'm really loving it. I always look forward to my commute each morning." - Alec F

"Forget about Segway, Boosted's electric skateboard feels like an object from the future dropped into the present, more in the realm of Marty's hoverboard." - Tantek C

Thanks to all of our Beta testers for helping make this board an amazing product! Thanks to all of our Kickstarter Backers who helped make this even possible. Your boards are coming soon!


Pre-orders begin shipping in April (your delivery date may vary depending on place in pre-order queue, the number of boards we can make per month, and other factors. More info will be available regarding pre-order batch shipping dates in April)

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Can't wait to get mine!
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You guy are awesome. I have been follow this project quietly for a long time since last year. I'm in Thailand. It's quite hard to support you guy from here. I want to know if it possible to ship to Thailand. It gonna be new breakthruogh here.
Just moved into a neighborhood in Maitland, Fl that has super long streets with moderate hills. Cannot wait to trek over to my friends houses on my new board. Will be giddy as a school boy.
Tanabut, We will be shipping internationally for both Kickstarter Backers and Pre-orders.
what happens when you let go the remote hand control, in case of wipe out, does the board stop, keeps on rolling? can the remote withstand a drop from when standing up on deck? will it go into several pieces? thanks
I'd love to check you guys out in Mountainview before I go back to LA. :)
If you let go of the trigger on the remote for any reason, the board simply behaves like a normal longboard. If you don't drop the remote you can simply use the throttle in forward or reverse to drive the board out of danger. We built the remote to be far more rugged than the original design. However repeated dropping or abuse of the remote will obviously damage it.
I cant stand the suspense. It will be like Christmas when this board shows up. Will be turning heads for sure in the Maitland, Fl area.
I know that the wait is worth it. I am looking forward to tearing up New York and putting my Fiik and Evolve to the side (for now).
I think it's best stuff to ride. I love it!
Can't wait to bring this board into Paris streets! Send mine fast and I will shoot you a very nice video as I'm working as a director in commercial and cinema industry...
Hi guys what's the battery charging time, top speed and how many kms can it go for on a single charge?
to those people who worry about dropping the remote, just remember the situation of the wii remote when they all had a band around their wrist (will there be a clip to put a band onto in the remotes design?, and would it be possible to ship to the uk?
Guys! Cant wait...:)! Aloha
I am deffinetely going to have to save up for one of these... Gonna take a while haha... Fingers crossed that I win the lotto or a couple of grand on a scratch card so all of my mates and I can get one and skate around surrey. Now to go out and tell mates about this and buy me some scratch cards...
Very Very expensive ! $2.000 no way !
Very Very expensive for me ! i wish i could afford one , dreaming... :(
I'm stoked, I saw someone cruising down the South Hills in Eugene on a Boosted Board on Friday.
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