Boosted Delivers: First Boards to Kickstarter Backers

Recently we achieved a very important milestone; our final production board was delivered to our beta testers. Boosted boards are already being ridden all over the San Francisco Bay Area!

Our development is over and we are manufacturing full speed ahead. We are delivering our Kickstarter backers their boards now through the end of March. 

These lucky beta testers have been riding boards in different stages of development since last year and have helped uncover all of the issues and bugs so that everyone will LOVE their boards. 

Today, it was their turn to receive the love that we put into the final board.

"Gives the same high as a Tesla, but at a fraction of the price." - Beau S

"The acceleration up hills and stopping power is unreal!"  - Danny M

"I'm really loving it. I always look forward to my commute each morning." - Alec F

"Forget about Segway, Boosted's electric skateboard feels like an object from the future dropped into the present, more in the realm of Marty's hoverboard." - Tantek C

Thanks to all of our Beta testers for helping make this board an amazing product! Thanks to all of our Kickstarter Backers who helped make this even possible. Your boards are coming soon!


Pre-orders begin shipping in April (your delivery date may vary depending on place in pre-order queue, the number of boards we can make per month, and other factors. More info will be available regarding pre-order batch shipping dates in April)