and we're officially live!

We are excited to officially launch Boosted Boards today. As many of our closest friends and family know, these past few months have been an often sleepless yet very rewarding time for our team. What started out as a common interest to find a sustainable and enjoyable method of getting around has transformed into a company and a vehicle that we are deeply passionate about. We are grateful to have a team that we're proud of, a product that's game changing, and a new Kickstarter campaign which we hope you will enjoy and share among friends. 

There's still lots of work to be done, but we're excited to be part of this journey and fortunate to have all the support from our fans. Thanks everyone!

- The Boosted Team

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How can I join your team?! I love my electric skateboard, but it has so many design flaws (weight, trigger, battery life), and I always wanted to join a company that is taking electric skateboards to the next level... and you guys seem to be it!
I can't do anything but say "Go for it", you are going to make a lot of people happy. I wish I had enough money to get one when you release them... Cheers!
Totally agree with your suggestion... Very nice post and good information here... Thanks for posting that....
Congrats on the funding! Awesome product. Looking forward to seeing these available in Cape Town, South Africa!
^ got me here and congrats on being live!

i must say, the video was amazing and i absolutely loved it! finally no more kicking and/or walking longboards uphill *cheers* looking forward to the day when the product is launched! can't wait!!!
^ got me here and congrats on being live!

i must say, the video was amazing and i absolutely loved it! finally no more kicking and/or walking longboards uphill *cheers* looking forward to the day when the product is launched! can't wait!!!

Hell yeah! Just let me know when I can order one! :)
hi boosted boards.

i want to order one let me know how can i get one

Thanks for the support everyone!
You can order now on Kickstarter by backing up the reward tier for the boards starting at $1199
beer at zott’s. nice.
Go Gadget, Go! Make it work you forward thinkers!
Great product and I look forward to seeing it on the market!

Any chance you will be adding larger pneumatic tires? It would be a shame to trip over a pebble at 20 mph.


Great product!!

Any chance you will be adding larger pneumatic tires? It would be a shame to trip over a pebble at 20 mph.

Aloha Guys
Congrats on all the press, I'll bet the spot on Yahoo will fill the Kick Start account.
I used to live in Palo Alto, early 90's bartender at Sundance Mine Co & BBC Menlo Park.
Moved to Maui in 93 and still here. When you start your marketing plan let me know,
I'd love to roll out, no pun intended, Hawaii.

A Hui Hou


This is a great concept, any plans to make a scooter or 3-wheeler for those without skateboarding skills?
Great idea, I wish you well.
Maybe add some amorphous solar panels under the board, with hinges to allow "flip out" to outboard position? Even folded, they will still generate some power to help extend the range.
I want one!
I have been riding an EMAD 600 watt for about 2 years. That thing is a real beast- but very robust. The thing is well worn and still running. It will do about 10 miles. With my weight 265lbs - I think about 15 mph-Under power - faster down hills. Although because of my height and weight it starts an unnerving wobble at 25 plus. It still amazes me that the thing can haul my massif anywhere at any speeds. Electric motors have come along way. Yours at 2000 watt with less weight ( EMADs is 65lbs) should really haul. EMaD is a good product just too heavy to carry. Seems like you could extend your range by carrying a charged spare battery. Is it easy to change? I get about 45 min with constant running - If I play it right on hills and coasting you can extend the distance and time - 55-60. I will definitely keep my eyes open for when your boards hit the market. The braking abiility changes the whole skate paradym - adding control- but Newtonian physics still rules. These things stop and you keep going. Walked away every time but have some battle scars on legs and arms. Good luck-
Not sure the exact mechanics of the board yet had an idea to extend the battery-like the solar panel...Why not put a small generator that connects to one of the motors/battery. So while your surfing on the pavement you are also charging the batteries.

Just a thought.

Cool Concept..


I just saw this video on Yahoo. I really do love the design and the idea. I had one suggestion that you likely have already thought of.

Towards the end of the video when the board gets hung up in the office, would be awesome if that hook was a "Conductive" charging system. Even if you had to sell it as an add on it would be totally sweet.

Are you going to make a forward facing unit. Would need to be a little wider and have a post to hold on to but could still steer like a board. For those who cant stand sideways.
Is there any kind of sensor to tell if there is a rider on board, if you fall off and the remote falls off will it stop or just keep running away at 20 plus mph? Seems to me there should be some sort of lanyard or weight sensor for safety, an uncontrolled board could really hurt someone and be a huge liability.
Good looking product, guys. wish I had one! Listen, i have lived in Hungary for the last 16 years and would like to produce your boars here, if that would be possible, we sure have the resources and know how to get this off the launch pad -while keeping the production cost to a minimum. Think about it. Like it, get in touch with me,ok? Thanks so much, Kimball
How can I join your team as well. I am very much interested in working for you.....
Thanks for all the comments and feature suggestions. Some of your ideas are definitely in our list of things to come, so stay tuned!

Our current protoype remote includes a safety feature to prevent run away boards if you drop the remote or fall off. This will be incorporated into the final design too, no one wants their boards running away at 20mph!

For those who are thinking this may be hard to learn, we have people with no boarding experience (surf, skate, snow) who were cruising on the streets at around 5-8mph in about 10 mins and much faster with more control soon after. The key is that you regulate speed and acceleration with your hand, and just let your lower body focus on standing on the board. Hoping we can have more people outside of the SF Bay area try this out soon and see that you might be able to skate after all!


i want one but your cost is to much let me know when you guy drop the cost $1,199.00 that to much money.i LOVE your design
I would love to join the team as well! I am doing a sales degree, and I have been looking for a awesome outdoor company that is fairly new to be a sales rep for. Let me know what I can do to join.
Hello my Name is Daniel looh
I am e machinest / fabricator from edmonton Alberta Canada and I love the idia on using your brakes to recharge the board , I too have a powered board but its nothing like yours :D I have a loaded tantien and i get towed by a 1/5 SCALE BAJA rc car from HPI that runs on gas it's sweet !! But when I saw your board I knew I found something special !!
My recommendations from what I know

1 try to use Rc hobby parts , they are ease to replace , cheap and in stock everywhere !!
2 try to use Rc batteries , they have perfected the technology of rechargeable preformance and ease of maintenance with a large option of cells ,mA
3 you can even find hi torke motors from Rc cars or hi speed motors from a helicopter

This would reduce your production cost dramatecly and make parts evailible every ware !!
I am also hoping that guys like me can costumize and upgrade , wile having the option of carrying extra juice (battery cells) I'm your back pack and heavy duty speed controls like the one on a hpi BAJA flux taking even the worst of puneshment

Well best of luck And let me know if I can help in any way , my email is Happy riding !

When you realize your product I would like to buy a shipment or become you Canadian representative :)
Hello I just have a few questions for you guys please reply. Thank you.
1. What is the target market?

2. What are your advertising strategies?

3. Are you planning to have multiple store locations, if so, where?

4. Who are your main competitors?

5. Do you have any addition information you think would benefit me with my project?

henry ford all the way, transportation revolution!
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