New office and product development

It's been just over a month since we successfully finished our Kickstarter campaign. Since then, the team has been busy moving into a new office space, printing and packing the Kickstarter rewards, and developing the new remote and other components for the boards.

New Office in Silicon Valley

After checking out over a dozen locations searching for the right space, we found it with our friends at Double Robotics in Sunnyvale, CA. This will be the headquarters for the design, prototyping, and production of your boards.  We packed and moved all of our parts and tools from Techshop in San Jose, our home for last summer where our first prototypes were built. We're still setting things up, but here are some pics of our new workspace. 

Our new office

The electronics lab

Kickstarter Rewards

Hot off the press! We just received our Boosted die-cut decals and t-shirts for our Kickstarter rewards. If you responded to the Kickstarter address surveys we sent, you should be receiving the rewards starting late November. If you did not send us your address please check for more information here

Stickers, t-shirts, and thank you cards

The shirts have a custom "Original Backer Tee" print inside signifying you have a limited Kickstarter-only run of these shirts. We also will have t-shirts available for purchase on our website just in time for Christmas. Order them here.

Product Development

Every week we've been tuning our motor controllers, mechanical design, and other components. It's getting closer to the design renderings from Kickstarter. Here's a working 3D printed model of the remote (the production one will look much nicer).

3D printed plastic and rubber prototype remote
Read more about this remote on our Kickstarter update.

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to email us at
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Keep up the hard work guys. I absolutely love what your doing. Longboarding isn't quite as big here in London as the weather is generally bad and our roads are even worse but hey won't stop me from wanting one of these. How robust are they going to be surly you won't be able to pull slides and stuff on them will you? Looks like there's going to be a lot of delicate things to malfunction under the strain of bumpy roads and sliding etc?
I love you boosted board, but i was wondering when will you lower the price ? 1300$ seems a bit too much for an electric board.
Hi Vandamme,
We're developing new technology that hasn't been used in other skateboards and other electric transportation devices so the price may seem high at the moment. As we grow and the technology costs come down, prices may change. It's still a bit too early to say. So, stay tuned!
No reply? Does this mean you do t know yet or you just missed my comment? ;)
Hey Ritchie,
Hmm, that is weird. We responded to your comment 2 weeks ago. But I do see that it's blank right now. Sorry about that.

To reiterate our original response, we've done abuse tests on bumpy roads here in the US on our prototypes, but we're not sure how your roads are. In regards to your sliding question, here's the YouTube link we posted previously. Hopefully is can answer you question!


Hey guys,

I received my ZBoard yesterday and it's horrible. So bad that it is pretty much unrideable. I mention this because I was hoping that the ZBoard would hold me over until the Boosted Board could be released, but unfortunately it's not going to do that. So now I really need the Boosted Board to come out much sooner!

It's been a couple months since your last update. Do you guys think you could keep us better informed on your progress? I'd love to hear about recent developments.


Hi Charles,

Thanks for reaching out. We're working hard to make sure to get your board out on time. You're right, a nice update is due. Sorry for keeping you waiting. We've had some updates on our Kickstarter page and Facebook, but we'll organize a new blog update!

Hey guys,

Is it realy 0 usd at the moment?. I just preordered two boards but Im wondering how you manage to give so many boards away for free.

Greets from Germany

I have just ordered 5 Boards for me and my Friends cause I thought they were free. Is it possible, if the boards are free, to cancel the order?
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